This American band combines speed metal with glam/sleaze metal from the 80’s. Many may never have heard of bands of times past doing a similar thing, this is apparently done within the confines of the modern metal scene (are there any boundaries?!).  Having recently released a successful EP on the same label, this is their debut full length album.

The album starts with ‘L.U.S.T’, which is fast; however I feel the vocal are a little too peaky for this style. The range is cool, but the power is lost. Songs that are much more suited to the style of singing include the next one ‘I Want What You Got’ and the killer ‘I’m Insane’. With the latter, Leathurbitch have their niche. Yes there maybe comparison to Bitch, Blacklace and others including LA Guns and Ratt, but in terms of US metal references, I am really pleased to see them referenced to Leather Nunn (FL – USA), who had an amazing release in ’86 with ‘Take the Night’, not to be confused with the other band of the same name.

‘Sleaze City’ captures the feel and dirt of a scene that was so popular in my youth, but its tracks like ‘The Search’ and ‘Killer Instinct’ that actually display the bands talent more. I feel the other sleazy or speed metal inspirations may have a lot of folks making cause for conflict.

Overall, this is a decent release, I don’t feel connected to the tracks that much and after a great concept potentially in the making, it’s a safe release, you won’t move far from your comfort zone here.

(6.5/10 Paul Maddison)