‘All Of The Time’ opens the 30th anniversary of this twelfth Supersuckers studio album with a bit of studio anger outtake. Which oddly for this most rocking of rawk n roll bands seems to run through this album. The song though is a typical bite of Supersuckers shit kicking dontgiveafuckery. Perfect raucous vocals and tightly bound perfect hammering punk flavoured riffing from ‘Metal’ Marty  Chandler that brawls its way across the room.

The follow up ‘The History Of Rock N’ Roll’ compounds the feeling that main man Eddie Spaghetti has a little anger simmering away this time around. The pace is slow, a dragging riff and a cynical melody. His spot on, drawling voice and criminally underrated lyrics cast a weary, sad but angry eye over the fact that people don’t know the difference between what’s good and what sucks. He then proceeds to name-check every great band he can think of from Rocket From The Crypt through The Dwarves to Nashville Pussy and bemoan the fact that “they’re a footnote to an anecdote in the history of rock n’ roll..” No really, it does make you think when all these great names are reeled off and not one is what you would call a household name.

We then get the downbeat ‘Dead Inside’. This is Supersuckers at their bittersweet, country tinged, last beer of the night best. It’s a strangely sad song and you hope not too autobiographical. But then the spot in Motorhead style riff of ‘Breakin’ My Balls’ shoots clean out of the gates tied to a classic Supersuckers melody and snotty attitude. This is why when they call themselves the greatest rock and roll band in the world you always actually have to pause, Hong Kong Phooey style and go “could be… ”

“I asked my baby when she coming back, she said probably about quarter to never. Now I’m alone when I hit the sack and it’s pretty much the worse thing ever.. “Seriously this down to earth, blue collar poetry seems to just roll out of Eddie’s soul with the taste of last night’s beer and stale smoke. ‘Worst Thing Ever’ is a lonely wreck of a ballad, a jangling guitar corner of misery.

Never fear though, ‘What’s Up With this MF’n Thing’ crashes out the bar room door next with the sound of Ramones in a drunken fight with Motorhead, the drums of ‘Captain’ Chris Von Streicher somehow stopping the wheels from coming clean off.

We go all country with ‘Cold Wet Wind’ after, complete with harmonica and piano. It’s a strangely bright affair though, somehow. A jaunty mood blowing a little warmth through the shivering lyrics. Then the gears crank up again for ‘Till I Die’, another rollicking Supersuckers song bowing clean air through your fuzzy head, and the laid back honky tonk rock and roll of ‘Private Parking Lot’ (jus’ doing what we aughta not..)

Oh and the final track is ‘Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers’ which is just one big fucking grin from start to finish – and yeah different from either of the two versions that you, there, are thinking about right now. Yeah another trio manages the impossible and finds a spot one way to make it theirs. Brilliant.

On first listening I was a bit unsure about Suck It. I mean the guys don’t do bad albums, just some being a step above the rest, but The Evil Powers Of Rock N’ Roll hit me like that first time too and that’s a goddamned classic. Repeated listens of Suck it though have revealed just a top notch Supersuckers album, just that step above the great Get The Hell. It is a little angry, a little weary, a little sad, a little drunk, a little special. It rawks like a drunken country son of a bitch with a bad attitude and a baseball bat. Older and meaner? Hell yeah!

If you don’t like Supersuckers, then, well, you don’t like rock and roll. Just buy the motherfucker already will you?

(9.5/10 Gizmo)