There is a train of thought that suggests that Germans are incredibly efficient.

Taina clearly missed that meeting, as it’s taken roughly 8 years to release their debut album.

Formed in 2010 by vocalist/synth player WoLand and guitarist SerZh the band have gone through numerous line-up changes and have managed to release an E.P. and several videos in the lead up to ‘Seelenfresser’.

…and of course, any catchy industrial metal from Germany (sung in German) is gonna raise some comparisons with a certain band beginning with “R”.

These comparisons would be pretty correct in fact, but when ‘Seelenfresser’ doesn’t sound like that particular band, it tends to sound like either KMFDM or Marilyn Manson, but not as harsh or disturbing as industrial acts such as Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy or Ministry.

It all kicks off in a rather massive (but generic) fashion with ‘Schrei nicht’. You know the drill. Heavy riffs, keyboards, German vocals…Great guitar solo though.

‘Pseudogott’ and ‘Alles endet hier’ are fuzzy moments that definitely bring to mind Sascha Konietzko and company, but when the album veers a little too closely to campy EBM, the Kraftwerk influences, BIG drums and riffs gets things back in line.

‘Allein’ is pure Marilyn Manson, but thankfully this one doesn’t have a sad and bloated Nicholas Cage lookalike doing a crap Zippy impression over the top of it.

The tracks on ‘Seelenfresser’ certainly don’t overstay their welcome, but even if the two remixes that end the record get a little waring, you have to admit that the whole thing is played and presented with a big pair of Teutonic balls.

I was all set to totally slate this album, but, you know what?  I quite like it.

It’s not gonna change your world, but it’s certainly better than anything that Rammstein have put out in the last 17 years.

(6.5/10 Stuart Carroll)