Belfast’s Stormzone are damn good at what they do, each release is strong, this one, is no different. They always deliver their melodic and harmonised sound with some strong song arrangements. If you take ‘Cushy Glen’ for example, which is augmented by its Celtic/folky guitar riff by feel and association, it is a bouncy track that delivers many positive vibes, rewarding with instant gratification and the ability to song along from the word go.

Speaking of which, ‘We Are Strong’ is a massive sing-a-long anthem. This simply amplifies this bands immense talent. The art of melody and making a song stick is definitely right up there with some of the most memorable tracks you have heard in your life. The album’s title track is a touch darker, more broody, again with a splash of vocal prowess, the quality remains high. The final section of the release goes into the power metal era, a touch more buoyant for speed, but still retaining the Stormzone work ethic by delivering key melodic slabs of metal.

Overall, in keeping with previous albums, these folks are really good at what they do, this album makes you gleam with happiness as it goes through its various stages, a continuing statement of intent solidifying their position of the regions greatest exports.

(9/10 Paul Maddison)