If a band is on Nuclear War Now you know you are not gonna get blackgaze or folk. The band name is horrendously wonderful. An amalgamation of its members other acts – Blasphemy, Goatpenis and Antichrist (why leave penis out of the name guys – dick move badoom tish) .  This is a bi-national grouping. Goatpenis from Brazil provide Sabaoth on Bass and Virrugus Apocalli on Guitars , Blasphemy provide the snappily monickered Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds (all one name) on Vocals . Antichrist I think have let loose T. Antichrist on drums but I could be wrong. This is great fun. Proper bestial, EVIL raucous black metal. So raw I can see the carotid artery still throbbing.  This is a romp through a graveyard at night with a can of warm special brew in your hand. Keep your KVLT nonsense and edgelord crooked cross waving this is punked up cranium cracking metal obliteration. Fans of Beherit will love the rawness.

Opening with “Ze Blasphamagoatchrist Machine” and a threat to blow away oceans of human filth it is time to leave your TRVE credentials online and dive into the maelstrom.  The true opener is the raging wasp in a jar of Tyrannic Empire. Brutality in sonic form. Like the gates of hell have been opened and the demons have 4 drum kits. Pure metallic mayhem with a catchy as smallpox riff throughout. NGDABW has a horrific (in the best way) set of pipes and his guttural vocals soar across the maelstrom. Fans of noise will bloody love it. It’s like gabber using instruments.  The eponymous track that follows is hi hat central. T Antichrist must have wrists of steel. It’s almost too much after the craziness that preceded it. Almost !

The title track starts with a blast like a shot from an anti-tank gun. The song is a full on thrash black metal assault as you would expect from its title. Squealing guitar solos from Virrugus are peppered with machine gunfire.  Relentless.  Which makes the slightly more sedate opening of “Fire Demons of Blokula” a sweet relief. After some atmospheric creation to evoke the island of witches in Sweden the onslaught continues with pounding riffs and thunderous drums. Dante would be losing his shit to this one.

My dark lord – “The Final Blood Orgy” is so relentless it is like white noise fed through a sewer. Not one for a hungover morning. Pure Armageddon in aural form. Everything is buzzed up blur!

The final piece in this short sharp shock to the system is “Ravens Soaring over Ross Bay” named after the historic cemetery in British Columbia. It’s a harsh instrumental that sounds like an atmos track from a Fulci movie.

Blasphamgoatachrist may have a crazy to pronounce name but they are a hell of a lot of fun and bring some much needed punked up craziness to a very serious poseur led BM world. Squeeze oranges together brothers and sisters.

(8.5/10 Matt Mason)