Absolutely stunning, simply sublime, brutal, aggressive and antagonistic in its approach to finding perfection, only just starts to describe this release, and it pretty much hits the spot of perfection on each level.

‘Dawn of a Crimson Empire’ has it all, from the opening 2:05 of ‘Summoning’, to the blast beats and demonic screams which follow, this is the full package.

‘Dawn Of A Crimson Empire’ is the first full length release from this chaotic, satanic bunch of black metal purveyors, and they have truly stuck their flag in the map with this 48 minutes of pure damnation.

‘Call From The Depths’ sees the guitars of Thurstan and Legatus entwine with the drums and bass of Tempestas and Forcas respectively, with absolute pure perfection.

‘Through The Forest’ is pure violence and bellicosity from the start, and they marry this up with unspoiled ease. Legatus strides his way through the tune with maniacal affluence, with the same resemblance a horde of possessed souls would stomp their way through purgatory.

‘Sword Of The Necromancer’ is my personal favourite, and is made up of layer upon layer of fretwork and beats, which are delivered with clinical excellence. The tune draws you in and then spits you straight out, and leaves you wanting, gasping for more.

The band continue through the production, in the same vain, with tracks ‘FMD’, ‘Malice’ and ‘Damnation Of The Weak’. They close the events with ‘Empire’ and this is truly icy, malevolent and sinful in equal measures. Halphas have fabricated an absolute beast of an album, and will leave any true black metal fan impressed from start to finish, and a lasting impression which will be emblazoned on the soul for many years to come., I truly believe that this band are going to go far, and this will sit proudly at the forefront of any black arts lovers collection for years to come.

If you only pick up one more album before the end of the year, make sure it’s a copy of this, you won’t be disappointed

(9/10 Phil Pountney)