Having spent the last five nights supporting Orange Goblin, Electric Citizen make their debut UK headline slot in London. Boston Music Room plays host to their final UK date and the sixth in the entirety of their European tour and, tonight, they have Salem’s Pot along for the ride too.

Swedish acid rockers, Salem’s Pot, make a statement both musically and aesthetically; vintage sounding fuzz riffs accompany masquerade masks and a rather fetching little velvet number*. Opening with ‘Tranny Takes a Trip’, the five piece take full command of the stage, descending into chaotic mayhem for the heavier moments of their performance. They’re both thoroughly entertaining and fascinating to watch, their obscured faces lending an air of ominous ambiguity to an already B-movie slasher atmosphere. The coolest down tuned guitar solos we’re likely to hear this side of Scandinavia.

Electric Citizen come out swinging; Nate Wagner‘s swagger and dynamic behind the drums compliments Ross Dolan’s doubled layered guitars and it’s as though the entire room has been transported back to the 1970s. Laura Dolan is the perfect embodiment of Florence Welch and Janis Joplin; her powerful voice gives the impression she’s feeling every lyric she sings which enhances her formidable stage presence. Songs such as ‘Two Hearted Woman’ take on new life, sounding much more traditionally ‘doom metal’ than they do on record. Electric Citizen are infectiously energetic, however, it’s their powerhouse of a front woman who’s really stealing the show. Watching her belt out each song with such intensity, as she jumps and dances around the stage is utterly enthralling; it feels like their set ends all too soon.

Review by Angela Davey

*Note from the writer: it’s unfair that Knate’s legs look better not just in a mini dress, but in general, than mine ever will!