I don’t get much punk to listen to these days, but when I do and when its the real stuff, punk-as-fuck like The Casualties rather than college rock with hair gel it is usually a pleasure and Resistance I’m happy to say are no exception. Heavily influenced by the British scene of the Eighties, this is about the ninth full length from these stud encrusted die hards so as you would expect they know their stuff.

Its suitably pissed off stuff too; speed driven punk with real aggression on songs like ‘Modern Day Slaves’ and catchy melodious sing-along choruses with plenty of “Oi oi!” on stuff like the fine title track. On the screen this may read as though this is just hammered from a template but with a light touch to the production and some hugely solid drumming this is just spiked with energy keeping it fresh as a can of cider from the fridge and just as strong.

If you want comparisons think of that heady blend of the no-nonsense attack lyrically and musically of The Exploited with the US melodic chorus twang of classic period Rancid, street punk with no time for metaphor or allegory, just saying what they think. You see the thing about this kind of music is you have to believe the band when they sing songs like ‘Constant Struggle’ and you have to be able to believe in their seriousness no matter how many years you have heard punks expressing exactly the same sentiments. The Casualties make me believe: The rough hewn vocals, sore throat shouts full of frustration, and the guitar attack are so sharp that its hard to believe these guys aren’t snotty youngsters fresh from bring kicked out of the house.

The tempo never lets up but neither does the interest. ‘Life On The Line’, ‘No Hope’, ‘Voice Of The Outcast’; every one a cracking gem, carving out its own little space full of angular rhythm shifts and flat out bursts of bright energy. Favourite track here though has to be the awesome swagger of ‘Corazones Intoxicados’ which of course I haven’t a clue what its about. But regardless I defy anyone not to be swept up and whirled into the joyous pit of its Latino based bounce and low slung melody and whipcrack spirit. It just sounds like the best squat party you have never been to. Brilliant, really. Can’t wait to get drunk to this one, so please no one tell me its about something really depressing!

There really is a lot to be loved about this album: Short, sharp, full of heart and sloshing energy and intelligence all over the place. Just what you want, unashamedly catchy, but still hard as a Doc Martin to the kneecap.

Ace. Just ace.

(8.5/10 Gizmo)