This maybe a band name that initially makes you think WTF, but then it’s the music that really matters. Perhaps you’ll recall a couple of years back, Kvohst (Code, DHG, Hexvessel) set up a new project with some other musicians, released a demo cassette and now they are back with this new EP. The intention was always to create music in the apocalyptic post punk vein and that is precisely what we have here on these four tracks. ‘Void Mother’ comes bouncing in with a dark and sultry feel and a humongous rhythm that is instantly seductive. Catchy as hell choruses that hook you in and keep hold of you. Kvohst’s clean vocal style comes out with depth and a smoky tone that has a real Danzig feel about it. Following on with ‘Children Of The Atom Bomb’, this comes crashing and clattering down with a strong post-punk beat and a subtly ethereal strain running beneath the surface. This track in particular is insanely catchy and before long it is stuck in my mind and am dancing along with it. It’s lively and fun yet dark and moody with a real apocalyptic vibe.

There is plenty of atmosphere in the music, and it feels to have plenty of depth and meaning behind it. I love the gloomy and haunting aura, and the lush, sonorous vocals. The songs linger in the mind for long after, and after numerous listens haven’t grown to tire of them. ‘Red Majesty’ has a certain air of fragility, as it invites you in via a Gothic guitar and minimal drumbeat before hushed vocals join in. The obvious downside is that this is so short and really leaves you thirsty for more; bring on the full-length album!

(8/10 Luci Herbert)