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Witches Of Doom – Funeral Radio (My Kingdom Music)

Italian Metal band Witches Of Doom certainly have a difficult sound to pin down. The name suggests maybe an Electric Wizard style Doom, maybe a St. Vitus style, or at the very least an orange-amped fuzz-laden retro outfit, but Witches… Continue Reading →

Duel – Valley of Shadows (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Fucking hell, but time flies. Go back to 2013, and my joint favourite albums of the year were Hell’s ‘Chapter and Curse’ and Scorpion Child’s self titled helping of excellence. Well “what does that have to do with this review… Continue Reading →

Blood Of The Sun – Blood’s Thicker Than Love (Listenable Records)

“Alright!”  As an opening lyric, delivered with full on Kilmister growl, Blood Of The Sun not only pay tribute to a rock great, but set the scene of the whole album, where music is a celebration, and the band is… Continue Reading →

Nitrogods – Roadkill BBQ (Steamhammer)

This will be a short one. Nitrogods are German & sound (and look) like a Motorhead / ZZ Top covers band. Which of course, is not necessarily a bad thing. This is their third album of beer soaked, rock &… Continue Reading →

Lecherous Gaze – One Fifteen (Tee Pee)

The second I started to listen to this album, I thought “California”. Lecherous Gaze, who quote Chuck Berry and The Damned as liked artists, in fact come from Oakland, so the grittier end of the state. Intriguingly, they describe their… Continue Reading →

Gin Lady – Call The Nation (Kozmik Artifactz)

Self described “rock n’ roll gypsies” from Sweden, this quartet may actually be gents going down the retro route rather than ladies but as to the gin side of things no doubt a few glasses were raised during the composition of… Continue Reading →

Joy – Ride Along! (Tee Pee)

What’s that shouty man want and where is that thundering rhythm coming from? Looks like San Diego’s psych rockers Joy have been at it again. Here they offer up a rock ’em, sock ’em follow up to 2014’s Under The… Continue Reading →

Flayed – Monster Man (Klonosphere)

Six piece retro-rock outfit Flayed hail from the southeast of France and have one mission – to bring the highlights of the 70’s rock sound to our modern era. Taking a 40+ year old sound and style of playing and… Continue Reading →

Danzig – Skeletons (Evillive)

I am increasingly of the opinion that if you look up Glen Danzig in some dictionary it will say ‘singer, cat lover, alleged collector of bricks, marmite’. Yeah there is a definite love or hate about him sadly. Heck even… Continue Reading →

’77 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us (Century Media)

Hands up who when asked where to get a dose of seventies hard rock instantly thinks “Barcelona!” Nobody? Well, me neither folks, but hailing from that beautiful city and founded by the vocal and guitar duo of the Valetta brothers,… Continue Reading →

Closet Disco Queen – S/T (Hummus Records)

The releases by Hummus have given me the opportunity to experience and indulge in some of the most experimental music I’ve heard in a long time. Closet Disco Queen whose strange moniker shines a light on the aural strangeness contained… Continue Reading →

Grifter – Return of the Bearded Brethren (Code 7 / Ripple Music)

The sun is beaming down on my shiny dome and I am wishing I was cruising to the beach instead of on my lunch break. This is not helped by Grifter who provide the perfect soundtrack to a late summer… Continue Reading →

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