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Foul Body Autopsy – This Machine Kills Zombies (S/R)

Okay so it’s no real secret that Death Metal and Horror go hand in hand, if anything I would probably blame Horror for my addiction to this bloodsoaked genre, and vice versa. As my interest in Death Metal subject matter… Continue Reading →

Seoul Station – Yeon Sang-ho (Studio Canal)

By now any self-respecting zombie fanatic, survivalist anticipating the zombie apocalypse, will have jumped aboard the Train To Busan and noted that South Korea probably ain’t the best place to be visiting when the dead start to rise. If you… Continue Reading →

Zombie Lake – Jean Rollin (Black House)

Killing Nazis was just part of the battle during WWII if you believe some of the more exploitative films knocking around the celluloid wasteland. The problem being according to the whims of various directors and producers is that they had… Continue Reading →

Train To Busan – Sang-ho Yeon (Studio Canal)

When the living dead started rising and feasting on human flesh most of the historical emphasis in recording what happened featured campaigns in the USA and Europe. Apart from brief mentions, events in the rest of the world were a… Continue Reading →

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies – Burr Steers (Lionsgate)

In 2009 author Seth Grahame-Smith had the rather clever idea along with publisher Quirk Books of penning with (ahem) ghost writer Jane Austen a mashup of her literary famed 1813 novel and reanimating it by adding the living dead to the… Continue Reading →

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse – Christopher Landon (Paramount)

You have to feel sorry for the zombie of late. They never actually chose to be reanimated and walk the earth endlessly in search of sustenance with bits of flesh sloughing off as they rot. The poor sods have been… Continue Reading →

Lucio Fulci – Poker Cards

If you had asked me before what Lucio Fulci’s greatest success with poker was I would have probably thought of poor old Dagmar Lassander in The House By The Cemetery getting it through the neck with one. I would never… Continue Reading →

Necrophagia – Whiteworm Cathedral (Season Of Mist)

Well this album has been a real horror story for Killjoy and his shock troops. Whiteworm Cathedral should have been out a couple of years ago but has been held up in litigation hell. Finally though it is time for… Continue Reading →

Megaherz – Zombieland (Napalm)

Rammstein proved that singing entirely in German is no barrier to huge international success. I have many album’s in Norwegian, Finnish, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese of one branch or another, Taiwanese, Faroese, Hebrew, Latin and a couple of… Continue Reading →

Night Of The Comet – Thom Eberhardt (Arrow)

Back to 80’s America when hair was big, rock music was bigger and comets were hitting town turning everyone into piles of dust or rapidly mutating zombies. Times were great in 1984 and never better than on the video shelves… Continue Reading →

Zombiefication – Procession through Infestation (Doomentia)

This Mexican band (now a full going concern rather than a studio/duo project) are no strangers to Ave Noctum, with this their third full length effort, Zombiefication are setting new standards for themselves whilst still being under the banner old… Continue Reading →

Driller – All Shall Burn (SR)

Hooooo-kaaaaaay. Polish band called Driller, sporting one of the worst covers I’ve seen in an absolute age and with song titles (that aren’t covers) of the likes of ‘Pleasure To Kill’, ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Madness Inc.’ and ‘Zombie Invaders’. Can you… Continue Reading →

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