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Carpenter Brut + Youth Code – London Koko 23/3/18

New types of music are needed even if they hark back to the past, synthwave is officially a thing now and boy is it big. If you grew up on a diet of horror, action and post-apocalyptic films many of… Continue Reading →

Psychotronic Scents

Wondering what on earth to get the ghoul who has everything this upcoming festering season? Well although we are not one to plug products, our friends at Psychotronic have brewed such a fiendishly clever idea, one that no self-respecting horror… Continue Reading →

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin Perform Profondo Rosso – London Barbican 21/2/15

Well this place is certainly not one of our normal dives for going to see bands. That’s not just what we are doing tonight here either as we will be watching a film too. 50 Shades Of Grey is showing… Continue Reading →

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