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Zeal And Ardor & Schammasch – London Village Underground 4/6/18

It’s a trip that’s a bit out the comfort zone tonight to hip Shoreditch where beards, vaping and craft beer rule supreme. Interesting to sit outside the venue once it has been found and watch street artists at work and… Continue Reading →

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit (MKVA)

When the debut Zeal & Ardor album impacted it really was that rarity of originality, strength of concept and touch of execution that marked it out as something very special indeed. The fact that it would be set upon by… Continue Reading →

Earth Electric – Vol 1: Solar (Season Of Mist)

Blimey how time flies, was it really 4 years ago that Ava Inferi made the surprise decision to bow out at seemingly the top of their game? It would appear so and after 4 excellent albums it was certainly a… Continue Reading →

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