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Kryptos – Burn Up The Night (AFM)

Indian heavy metal is alive and well with Kryptos’ fourth full length effort. My last outing (‘The Ark of Gemini’) proved very positive and ‘Burn Up The Night’ is a touch fresher for me. The metal references on the album… Continue Reading →

Cauldron – In Ruins (High Roller)

Canada’s Cauldron have become an institution on these shores of recent years, having moved over to the much respected, more music orientated High Roller Records, this their fourth full length that sees the band solidifying their sound and for me… Continue Reading →

Stormzone – Seven Sins (Metal Nation)

It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve picked up a Stormzone release, in that time the band have continued to release material and if ‘Seven Sins’ anything to go by, I’ve been missing out big style. This is a… Continue Reading →

Helker – Somewhere In The Circle (AFM)

Around since 1998 but seemingly cursed by line-up changes, Argentina’s Helker are now on their fourth full length. This time though they are doing their first album in English (though I believe there is still a Spanish language version available)… Continue Reading →

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