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Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty (AFM)

I was pleasantly surprised by 2015’s “Savage Requiem”, an album where Magic Kingdom nicely moved themselves up a division in the Symphonic Power Metal rankings, mixing some good song-writing with a fine production and great musicianship – everything came together… Continue Reading →

Toby Knapp – Blizzard Archer (Moribund)

Toby Knapp returns in a slightly different guise on latest release, “Blizzard Archer”. My previous experiences have been with his Waxen and Affliktor projects where his prowess as a guitarist combined with churning, aggressive black metal tones. This time around… Continue Reading →

Waxen – Weihung Auf Satan (Moribund)

Shred Black Metal? Sure, we’ll give that a go. Toby Knapp’s one man band, Waxen has continued to blacken more souls with third release “Weihung Auf Satan”. Grim, dark and venomous, he takes the dark heart out of black metal… Continue Reading →

DSG – Still a Warrior (Pure Steel)

David Shankle is most famous for being one of the axemen in the true metal warriors and most self-indulgent bands in the world… No, not Morrissey, I’m on about Manowar. Holding his hammer high between 1988 and 1994, Shankle is… Continue Reading →

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter present DRACULA – Swing of Death (Frontiers)

Jorn Lande is one of those people in metal who has a pretty impressive resume. The Norwegian with the powerful voice has been the frontman for a series of bands such as Ark and Masterplan, as well as contributing guest… Continue Reading →

Nergard – Memorial for a Wish (Battlegod Productions)

The story of this concept album from Norway’s Nergard is that of an Irishman who in 1890 was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a burglary he did not commit. He is separated from his pregnant wife, who dies… Continue Reading →

Heavatar – Opus 1: All My Kingdoms (Napalm)

Power metal is all about the instant fix. The catchy choruses, the anthems,the cinematic spectacle. In some ways it’s the essence of heavy metal – some of us get that. But in other ways its a path too well trodden… Continue Reading →

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