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Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie Recordings)

Album number 6 for Sarke and they don’t seem to be letting up. The past black and roll has given way to more of an epic groove driven sound that still drips icy evilness from every pore.  The fact that Sarke… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Imagica (Metropolis)

It wasn’t until 2007 album ‘Walking With Strangers’ that I got my first encounter with Canadian gothic synth-pop act The Birthday Massacre. Right back in time, before this they had started out no doubt inspired by a certain Clive Barker… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Hide And Seek (Out Of Line)

You never know quite what to expect in a game of hide and seek. It could be a nice surprise or a nasty shock, or you might be one of those poor unfortunate people who hides for ages whilst everyone… Continue Reading →

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