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Children Of The Sün – Flowers (The Sign Records)

There’s a lot of retro “classic rock” around these days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I guess it’s more about the way it’s done. Sweden for some apparent reason seems to have been a hotbed… Continue Reading →

All Them Witches – ATW (New West Records)

If like me, you were only vaguely aware of All Them Witches, it would be fair to expect them to be an out and out doom band from their name alone, fitting in so well as they would with such… Continue Reading →

Peter Pan Speedrock – Buckle Up And Shove It! (SPV)

Sometimes it’s good to take a punt on something new. Usually I get the death / thrash / grind stuff to review (avoiding anything ‘prog’ like it’s a saltwater crocodile with AIDS ……..and a flick knife)  but whether it was… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage (Nuclear Blast)

There is only one depressing thing about this 3 piece Icelandic band’s second release. The band appear so young that it looks like if you added their ages together they would still be younger than me – and I’m 20… Continue Reading →

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