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Embryo – S/T (Logic(il)logic Records)

This is the third album from this Italian death metal outfit which has had Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse playing drums. Said Italian band is a good reference point for this one as they bombard the listener with a wholesome… Continue Reading →

Xerath – III (Candlelight)

  Thanks to UK Metallers Xerath’s consistent live work it appears that I am one of the few Ave Noctum scribes to be unfamiliar with the band. So why, therefore does it fall upon me to review their imaginatively titled… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Altar Of Plagues, Xerath, Zatokrev, Kontinuum, Crown, Ancient Ascendant, The Earls Of Mars – Camden Underworld 24/8/13

The second day of the Candlefest sees an eclectic mix of bands including a few that I have never seen and a headliner playing their swansong. It was an early start as one band I did not want to miss… Continue Reading →

Screaming Savior – Infinity (Metal Hell Records)

Firstly being advocate of the English language it annoys the hell out of me when I see words like saviour, colour etc spelt without the ‘u’; crikey it really annoys me in fact. Be that as it may I will… Continue Reading →

Synodik – Sequences For A New Matrix (SR)

Originally called Asylum this Italian death metal band has released a debut album of technically inspired death metal that owes as much to Cynic as it does to the newer acrobatic guitar wizardry of bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Gorod…. Continue Reading →

Khonsu – Anomalia (Season Of Mist)

One look at Khonsu’s Facebook page tells you a lot about what the band is likely to sound like, though nothing prepares you for the immense blockbuster compositions imagined and constructed by S Gronbech whose band this basically is, but… Continue Reading →

Deals Death – Elite (Spinefarm)

Deals Death no doubt slightly vexed that there are already a couple of bands out there called Death Dealer decided upon their slightly clunky moniker when they got it together in Sweden in 2008. They released one independent album ‘Internal… Continue Reading →

Meta-Stasis – When The Mind Departs The Flesh (Depraved Records)

A gas masked psychopath on the front and zombie like nuns on the back means that this is about to be a full frontal tympanic membrane carnage. Meta-Stasis is composed of members from Ted Maul and Sikth. It is very… Continue Reading →

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