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Meden Agan – Catharsis (No Remorse)

Meden Agan – Catharsis (No Remorse)

“Catharsis” is the fourth outing for Greek Symphonic Metallers Meden Agan, who continue to make further in-roads into the imposing territory occupied by bands like Epica, Xandria and Nightwish (by pure coincidence, and in-keeping with Symphonic Metal history, it has a bit in common with.. Read More
Xandria, Metaprism, Aonia -  Sheffield Local Authority  18/11/17

Xandria, Metaprism, Aonia – Sheffield Local Authority 18/11/17

It’s fair to say that it has been a tumultuous few months for Xandria, and all credit must go to the band that this tour even went ahead with front woman Dianne van Giersbergen having announced that she was leaving the band towards the end.. Read More
Xandria - Theater Of Dimensions (Napalm)

Xandria – Theater Of Dimensions (Napalm)

No easing our way into a new year with a nice easy run-of-the-mill Power Metal album then? Nope, not for me, I get to put into words the next chapter in a band’s career, who I’ve seen gradually over their last few releases morph from.. Read More
Diabulus In Musica - Dirge For The Archons (Napalm)

Diabulus In Musica – Dirge For The Archons (Napalm)

In Symphonic Metal circles it’s hard to find a more diverse and all encompassing band than Diabulus In Musica and this Spanish band look set to cram even more in with their 4th album sporting the come-and-buy-me title of “Dirge For The Archons”. Yep, nothing.. Read More
Deep Sun - Race Against Time (S/R)

Deep Sun – Race Against Time (S/R)

It’s always nice to stumble across a new band, even more so when it’s a band of the quality of Deep Sun who somehow are unsigned and really do deserve a proper record deal. What we have here is high-end Symphonic Metal made all the.. Read More
Midnight Eternal – S/T (Inner Wound)

Midnight Eternal – S/T (Inner Wound)

Midnight Eternal have certainly been racking up the support slots in their native America, copping guest appearances for Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Delain, Xandria, Doro and many more! And now that they’ve finally got their chance to release a full-length album they can prove to the.. Read More
Xandria - Fire and Ashes (Napalm)

Xandria – Fire and Ashes (Napalm)

It’s Xandria’s turn to release one of these extended EP type things that Napalm are so keen on as a fill-in between albums. We are treated to 3 new songs 2 re-recordings and a cover. There are actually TWO cover versions, but I personally can’t.. Read More
Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest (Napalm)

Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest (Napalm)

Finland. Female Singer. Well Executed Symphonic Metal. 7.5/10 – Andy Barker What? You want more than that? Surely that’s all you need to know. Well, OK, I guess the pub can wait a little longer and I suppose that the professionalism and quality of this.. Read More
Interview - Xandria

Interview – Xandria

With brand new album ‘Sacrificium’ just released and the rejuvenated band in town to perform tracks from it with a brand new singer and bassist, we had the opportunity to grab a quick interview with main songwriter and guitarist Marco Heubaum and ask him about.. Read More
Xandria & Stream Of Passion – London Underworld 9/5/14

Xandria & Stream Of Passion – London Underworld 9/5/14

Due to a bit of a shifty on the running times I only caught a couple of numbers of first band Apparition. I have to admit that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They were quite a soothing experience at first, nothing too.. Read More
Stream Of Passion – A War Of Our Own (SR)

Stream Of Passion – A War Of Our Own (SR)

Yes that is right, in one of the craziest bands not on a label situations I can think of in recent times this is indeed self-released. I had the pleasure of interviewing singer Marcela just after they parted ways with previous label Napalm and asked.. Read More
Visions Of Atlantis – Ethera (Napalm)

Visions Of Atlantis – Ethera (Napalm)

Isn’t it nice to be surprised? After Visions Of Atlantis’ first two releases I rather dismissed them as Nightwish wannabes and confess that I didn’t bother listening to anything after (though I was very saddened to hear of the death of their vocalist from those.. Read More