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Wound – Engrained (FDA Rekotz)

Wound – Engrained (FDA Rekotz)

It’s sophomore time for Germany’s Wound, and they hit the nail on the head with ‘Engrained’, a potent mix of black and death metal, with enough traditional styling and spot-on production to satisfy everyone. Following on from 2013’s ‘Inhale The Void’ this record pretty much.. Read More
Interview - Wound (2010) director David Blyth

Interview – Wound (2010) director David Blyth

 Wound is a film I recently reviewed on this site; an independent film from New Zealand that can best be described as psychological surrealist art-horror. It’s a film that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers, and thankfully director David Blyth was happy to.. Read More
Film Review - Wound (David Blyth) 2010

Film Review – Wound (David Blyth) 2010

This film came to my attention through a worthwhile facebook group dedicated to promoting the sickest films from around the world (link at bottom for those who are interested), and as the Australasian continent seems to be doing some interesting stuff right now I decided.. Read More