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Interview – Leon Low (NonserviaM, Dissectomy, Weot Skam)

Malaysian metal has an enthusiastic following, but it’s fair to say that not much is known about it in Europe. To gain some insight, Andrew Doherty interviewed Leon Low to ask him about his bands, his vision and the way… Continue Reading →

Wormrot – Voices (Earache)

‘#MakeEaracheGrindAgain’ This single hashtag across the RJD main stage video screen at this year’s Bloodstock 2016 festival said enough. Even if it was hard sometimes to make out the tracks being advertised, one look at the imagery said enough –… Continue Reading →

Magrudergrind – II (Relapse)

Brooklyn, New York has spawned some iconic bands over the years across the rock and metal genres, ranging from Hardcore icons Biohazard to Gothic Metal titans Type O Negative and now you can add Grindcore three piece Magrudergrind to that… Continue Reading →

Cemetery Rapist & Anal Penetration – King’s Manor, Newcastle 5.10.2012

The underground grind movement is flourishing in North East Britain. Many well-known names like Wormrot, Eviscorax, Laceration etc. have played gigs here. However, some of the small places, in which these bands play, are not suitable. This is what happened… Continue Reading →

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