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Wormfood – L’Envers (Apathia Records)

After 15 years of existence, Wormfood are releasing their fifth studio album five years after their last release. The Parisian quintet can rather easily be labelled as avant-garde doom/Goth as their slow ponderous tracks weave complicated yet rather depressing tapestries… Continue Reading →

Melted Space – The Great Lie (Sensory)

This album should have had me running to the hills screaming and trying to distance myself as far away from it as possible. Melted Space are a project that were originally formed by Pierre Le Pape of Wormfood and essentially… Continue Reading →

Way to End – Various Shades of Black (Ladlo Productions)

I’m always up for a bit of avant-garde black metal, and this band seems to fit the bill nicely. I’ve not heard Way to End’s previous album “Desecrated Internal Journey” (2009) but reading reviews of it and listening to “Various… Continue Reading →

Void Paradigm – ST (Total Rust Music)

This extremely dark work comes from France and is the first release by this band. I don’t know all of the bands with whom Void Paradigm has links, but I do know Wormfood who some years back released an extremely… Continue Reading →

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