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1914 – The Blind Leading The Blind (Redefining Darkness / Archaic Sound Records)

1914 are a death metal band from the Ukraine that have been around since 2014 and it’ll come as no surprise that a band named 1914 like to write songs about the Great War. What kind of songs? Fucking good… Continue Reading →

Neige et Noirceur – Ténèbres Modernes (Sepulchral Productions)

I have followed the black and wintry path of Neige et Noirceur since their 2009 album “Crépuscule Hivernale sans fin sure Les Terrres de Guerre”. and without doubt these Québecois have carved an interesting path of black ambient music. Occasionally… Continue Reading →

Azziard – Vesanie (Mortis Humanae)

WWI Black / Death Metal from the frontlines of France anyone? Well that is what we have here and these troops from the past are not as new an entity as I actually thought on first listen as a bit… Continue Reading →

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