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Hypnopazūzu – Create Christ, Sailor Boy (House Of Mythology)

“The group’s name Hypnopazūzu brought together 3 beings, and 2 languages, that move me and delight me and trouble me. Hypnagogia. Hypnos. Pazūzu. The Coptic language. The Akkadian language,” he explains. “Youth kindly allowed me to choose the name, on… Continue Reading →

Solefald – Norrønasongen Kosmopolis Nord (Indie)

When we spoke to Cornelius about plans for a new album the follow up to 2010 release ‘Norrøn livskunst’ he told us “I’m not going to tell you anything about the album! I can give you the title, ‘Kosmopolis’ with… Continue Reading →

The Moon & The Nightspirit – Holdrejtek (Prophecy)

Some Hungarian folk music anyone? What’s that shaking the head all about, we never did claim to be a noisy metal site, we try and cater for all tastes within reason and it’s always nice to chill out to something… Continue Reading →

Arkan – Sofia (Season of Mist)

I’ve been sucked into the aromas of this Paris-based band of North African origin since I heard their album Hilal (2008). Harsh death metal combines with Arabic rhythms and instruments. The process was fine-tuned on their follow-up album “Salam” (2011)…. Continue Reading →

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen – The Talas Of Satan (Apathia)

What in the name of the patron saint of meth tweekers do we have here? Well I was expecting insanity when I cast my eyes over the band name and the Eastern religious iconography and font used on the garish… Continue Reading →

Dinner Music For the Gods – Beautiful and Treacherous (SR)

Dinner Music for the Gods. The very name conjures up images of Dionysian excess on Mount Olympus. Zeus and Poseidon hand out the olives whilst Apollo snogs a satyr behind the laurel wreath rack. Never mind what the fox would… Continue Reading →

Wardruna – Runaljod: Yggdrasil (Indie)

It’s interesting how far metal has come since the days of beer, long hair and jeans. I mean, most metal fans have had their guilty pleasures (I’ll resist the urge to list mine here) but in the old days your… Continue Reading →

John 3:16 – Visions Of The Hereafter (Alrealon Music)

With the album name subtitled as ‘Visions Of Heaven Hell And Purgatory’ this is one of those pieces of music with a lot to dig beneath as far as the concept is concerned. It is kind of at odds with… Continue Reading →

Acyl – Algebra (Mosaic Music Distribution)

I really liked Acyl’s debut ep “Angel’s Sin” and so was very pleased to have the chance to review “Algebra”, their first album. Acyl are an Algerian-French experimental metal band who draw on their North African origins and use traditional… Continue Reading →

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