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Woods Of Ypres

Numenorean – Adore (Season Of Mist)

Numenoreans are folk of Numenroea – an island in Middle Earth where lived the greatest of men. Yup more Tolkien in metal.  Here though Numenorean are a post (ish) Black Metal band from Calgary. Their debut “Home” in 2016 was a collection… Continue Reading →

Altars Of Grief – Iris (Hypnotic Dirge)

I do love the place name Saskatchewan and it is from that Canadian province that Altars Of Grief call home as do their record label Hypnotic Dirge. There must be a healthy amount of misery in a place that image… Continue Reading →

Rotting Kingdom – S/T (Godz Ov War)

A bit of a quicky for y’all with this one, a three track EP from Kentucky’s Rotting Kingdom. Actually, I say “quicky”, but with the shortest of these tracks being six minutes long, and the other two weighing in at… Continue Reading →

Is – Into My Own (Wolfspell Records)

This is the sophomore release by one-man band Is featuring Nøkken on all instruments and vocals. Formed only 3 years ago he has already released numerous EPs and singles with the cold and frost appearing to be his main thematic… Continue Reading →

Nachtterror / Altars Of Grief – Of Ash And Dying Light (Hypnotic Dirge)

This split showcases two Canadian bands, both have certain similarities and are particularly bonded in blood by the talents of guitarist Saint Wikk aka Erik Laboissiere who is guitarist and backing vocalist in both. There are plenty of differences between… Continue Reading →

Waldgeflüster – Meine Fesseln (Bindrune Recordings)

Waldgeflüster (‘Forest Whispers’ for non-fluent German speakers like myself who were worried about having their err… ‘waldges’ flustered), started out as being the solo black metal project of multi-instrumentalist Winterherz in 2005. This is his third full length album, featuring… Continue Reading →

Obsidian Tongue – A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time (Hypnotic Dirge)

Not the catchiest of names or titles I’ll grant you but one I would urge you to remember as if there’s any justice, you’ll be hearing it a lot more over the next 12-18 months. I was introduced to this… Continue Reading →

Church of Void – Dead Rising (Svart)

Svart is a small Finnish label, that despite being independent, and from a country with a small population, is managing to produce some excellent albums of late.  Even searching just the website you’re currently reading (go on, use the little… Continue Reading →

Woods Of Ypres – Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light

  Artist: Woods Of Ypres Title: Woods 5 Grey Skies And Electric Light Type: Album Label: Earache Recently I read some gumph on the NME website with a list of the 50 most depressing albums ever made. About a quarter… Continue Reading →

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