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Pelander – Time (Nuclear Blast)

If you are unfamiliar with Pelander, that’s nothing to be worried about, seeing as it is the first release by Magnus Pelander, Witchcraft mainstay, under his own moniker, and a definite change from his normal doom tinged heavy rock releases…. Continue Reading →

Beastmaker – Lusus Naturae (Rise Above)

Beastmaker  are from Fresno California but from the opening toll of an ominous bell you just know that they really wanna be from the West midlands 40 years ago.  Lusus Naturae is Latin for freak nature. This is not freakish… Continue Reading →

Greenleaf – Rise Above The Meadow (Napalm)

There’s the moment that the big fat riff to opener ‘A Million Fireflies ‘ clubs you in the face like an over -friendly grizzly bear with a sound so impossibly perfect stoner, that you just want to lie back and… Continue Reading →

Witchcraft – Nucleus (Nuclear Blast)

If you’re not familiar with Sweden’s own Witchcraft, you’d not need to be a modern day Sherlock Holmes to guess from their name there might well be a hint of Doom about their sound. Looking at my own music collection,… Continue Reading →

Jess and the Ancient Ones – Second Psychedelic Coming- The Aquarius Tapes (Svart)

Reviewing this was meant to be a groovy experience for me. I purposefully asked for it the week before I flew to the States for Thanksgiving. The plan was for Jess and the Ancient Ones to lift me onto an… Continue Reading →

Closet Disco Queen – S/T (Hummus Records)

The releases by Hummus have given me the opportunity to experience and indulge in some of the most experimental music I’ve heard in a long time. Closet Disco Queen whose strange moniker shines a light on the aural strangeness contained… Continue Reading →

Nocturnalia – Above Below Within (Gaphals)

The scene is set a with sombre, classically flavoured piano intro, just over 2 minutes long, full of emotion and drama. Anything could be coming next, Black Metal? Pagan Metal? Post Rock? Symphonic Metal? Doom? Almost the last thing I… Continue Reading →

Burning Saviours – Unholy Tales From The North – Transubstans

Another review, and surprise surprise, it’s another Swedish export. Damn me, but with all the fine metal those industrious Swedes produce, how do they have time to disassemble and flat pack all that furniture they ship over to the UK… Continue Reading →

Epitaph – Crawling Out Of The Crypt (High Roller)

Classic 80’s style Heavy/Doom Metal anyone? From an Italian band that were there the first time but have only just got around to re-recording their best tracks? A band that dress in silver pointy hats, fake Spock ears, skin-tight cropped… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage (Nuclear Blast)

There is only one depressing thing about this 3 piece Icelandic band’s second release. The band appear so young that it looks like if you added their ages together they would still be younger than me – and I’m 20… Continue Reading →

Spirits Of The Dead – Rumours Of A Presence (The End)

A quick glance around reveals just how far this modern obsession for all-things retrospective has come. From the re-emergence of the flared trouser or a penchant for all things eyeball-meltingly fluorescent to our longing for the foods we grew up… Continue Reading →

Black Magician – The Pursuivant (Svart)

To a true black magician the line straddling the esoteric and ethereal is tenuous indeed. Equally blurred is the distinction between realms of imagination and fantasy. Tangential and limited by perception only is the border between the physical realm and… Continue Reading →

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