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Wytch Hazel – II: Sojourn (Bad Omen Records)

Well, Wytch Hazel produced my album of the year in “Prelude” back in 2016, and it has remained in heavy rotation in my music list ever since. That album was a heady, smoky and somewhat charmingly naive piece of folk-ish… Continue Reading →

Pagan Altar – The Room Of Shadows (Temple Of Mystery)

Having begun life in the late 70’s just as the enormity of the NWOBHM movement was unfolding, Pagan Altar were one of the few British doom bands starting out from that period. Given their interrupted lifespan, album output has been… Continue Reading →

Worshipper – Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee)

Consisting of some seasoned musicians from Boston USA, Worshipper unleash their debut having only been formed for a year or so. And an impressive debut it is starting with it’s interesting cover art, which is very non-committal as to the… Continue Reading →

Wytch Hazel – Prelude (Bad Omen)

Ah, a bit of proper retro-inspired hard-rock/ heavy metal excellence here, coming all the way from…erm…Lancaster. Still, the four piece have been busy, formed in 2011, and this, their first full length release following a fair few EP’s and split… Continue Reading →

Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer King (Cruz Del Sur)

Hammer King are a Franco-Germanic power metal four piece, fronted by Tito Fox, the vocalist for Manowar legend Ross “The Boss” Friedman. Making their debut with “Kingdom Of The Hammer King”, the band have received praise from Friedman, citing that… Continue Reading →

Nocturnalia – Above Below Within (Gaphals)

The scene is set a with sombre, classically flavoured piano intro, just over 2 minutes long, full of emotion and drama. Anything could be coming next, Black Metal? Pagan Metal? Post Rock? Symphonic Metal? Doom? Almost the last thing I… Continue Reading →

Opeth – Pale Communion (Roadrunner)

  Opener ‘Eternal Rains Will Come’ is a stunner. It kicks straight in with a keyboard style (courtesy of new member Joakim Svalberg) that Ken Hensley would be proud to call his own, before in classic Opeth style, they turn… Continue Reading →

Diamond Lil – ST (High Roller)

Diamond Lil eh? Sounds like a right character, perhaps from around the old East End, a lady not to be messed with as she may cut you with a blade just like a diamond. She is a fearsome character a… Continue Reading →

Athelstan – The Ride (Seven Kingdoms)

With his brother Wulfstan, Athelstan is one half of the terminally underrated English “Anglo-Saxon metal” band Forefather who quietly ply their trade drawing exclusively on the Anglo Saxon period of England’s history. At first a solo album from a duo… Continue Reading →

Interview – Corsair

You may recall how impressed and taken I was with the Shadow Kingdom debut album from US rockers Corsair, and as it came so out of the blue to me I was intrigued as to who these classy upstarts were… Continue Reading →

Corsair – ST (Shadow Kingdom)

Corsair are one of those almost defiantly not modern metal bands who wander out of the US in particular now and then; a rock band who hark back to the days when Thin Lizzy were the heaviest thing on the… Continue Reading →

Interview – Bedemon

  It has been another grand year for doom, what with Altar Of Oblivion, Angel Witch and blessed Saint Vitus all delivering sermons worthy of their names and yet even in such company the ten-years-in-the-making debut by Bedemon stands very… Continue Reading →

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