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Vreid – In the Mountains of Sognametal – Livestream 13/6/20

Once again I find myself sitting down to a livestream, yearning for the return of live music. My experience of these events has been mixed thus far, but Vreid were about to blow all that out of the water. This… Continue Reading →

Wormwood – Nattarvet (Black Lodge)

Now OK, I’m not the usual go-to-guy for Black Metal bands on Ave Noctum. I think many of my fellow writers would possibly go so far as to state that I’m not really even on the list of go-to-guys-and-gals…and admittedly,… Continue Reading →

Werian – Animist (Eisenwald)

Whistling winds, chasmic echoes and moody melancholy are always good. To be fair, there’s a lot more than this in this carefully crafted epic journey from Werian, an old German word that has to do with werewolves, shamanism and the… Continue Reading →

Vreid – Lifehunger (Season Of Mist)

Tragedy naturally hits everyone at some point in their life, yet it is equally natural that a similar sort of tragedy should strike artists also. The icy grip of death has no limitations, taking from us legends, visionaries and pioneers… Continue Reading →

Cor Scorpii – Ruin (Dark Essence Records)

‘Ruin’ is the second album by Melodic Black Metal band Cor Scorpii, a mere decade after their début was released. It was recorded over a period of three years in various locations, has guest vocalists Annika Beinnes and Mats Lerberg,… Continue Reading →

Astral Winter – Forest of Silence (Immortal Frost)

Anyone for a bit of seasonal black metal? I’m not talking Mortiis dressed in a red Santa hat wrapping boxes of untold horror with human skin. I’m referring to something altogether more high-minded: exquisite arboreal landscapes of frost and snow;… Continue Reading →

Mistur – In Memorium (Dark Essence)

I sadly didn’t hear the debut by Sognametal band Mistur. I say sadly because as noted by the live review of their recent appearance at Inferno this collection of past and present members of Vreid, Windir, Kampfar, Cor Scorpii and… Continue Reading →

Vreid – Sólverv (Indie)

I was always a great fan of Windir and when in unfortunate circumstances Vreid was formed out of their ashes, I followed them too. Vreid’s first album “Kraft” (2004) continued the Windir approach where fresh modern black metal found an… Continue Reading →

Blåhø – Through Sinister Nightfall (SR)

Blåhø is not the noise one makes into a tissue when suffering a particularly bad cold but is actually the name of a mountain in the Trollheim range that this Norwegian band affiliate themselves with and apparently have members who… Continue Reading →

Interview – Vreid

After an unusually quiet year for Vried, the band came back with a vengeance last month with their sixth album Welcome Farewell. Darker and more direct than its predecessor it will no doubt get an airing over the coming months… Continue Reading →

Vreid – Welcome Farewell (Indie)

Vreid have all the hallmarks of a band on the cusp of a big break and the attitude, talent and drive to back it up. Their catalogue is teeming with the kind of consistency that many other bands only dream… Continue Reading →

Heidra – Sworn to Vengeance (SR)

So what can a relatively new band bring to an already overcrowded folk metal field, other than more tin whistles played at break-neck speed? Well, fortunately, there is frankly so much dross that anything half-decent shines like a beacon in… Continue Reading →

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