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Barst – The Western Lands (Consouling Sounds)

Experimental and expansive Barst are one of many Belgium artists that refuse to be pigeonholed taking on a huge range of styles in this sprawling two track musical odyssey inspired by William S Burroughs The Western Lands. Ideally I had… Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Witchcraft – Magick Rites and Spells (Soulseller)

Tuscan occult inspired doom/classic rock hybrid created with some divine backing Psychedelic Witchcraft are back with the follow up to their impressive 2016 release, ‘The Vision’. Not giving much away with the title, hinting heavily in the direction of the… Continue Reading →

William S Burroughs – Let Me Hang You (Ernest Jenning Record Co / Khannibalism)

The posthumous auteur of this should really need no introduction. Author, seer, underground anti-hero, counter-culturist, satirist, sexual deviant, junkie, film-star, wife killer; well he has been referred to as many different things to many different people, most of them true…. Continue Reading →

Ministry – From Beer To Eternity (13th Planet)

So this is the last Ministry album ever…. Hold on, been here before, who is anyone trying to kid? There is a reason this perhaps unlucky 13th studio album had to exist and it is a completely legitimate one. Al… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Nightmare Painting (Aesthetic Death)

Warning, very odd alert! Right I have been trying to wrap my head around the world of Haiku Funeral for a while now and really do not think I am anywhere near doing so but here goes for an attempt…. Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods (Svart)

There is more to this than mere music oh brethren, thee process is thee product and to get to the sound itself first we must embrace the ideology. So, Sabbath Assembly were formed in 2009 (and regrettably this scribe missed… Continue Reading →

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