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Abattoir / Satori – Megaloschemos (Gradual Hate Records)

This arrived, I listened one evening and had nightmares. The next morning I got up, played it again and had daymares! Yep this is scary stuff. Megaloschemos is the ‘great scheme’ of two gents, one Dave Kirby of Satori from… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – War Gods (Beläten)

I had been waiting on this to leave a foul taste in my ears and this “little ray of sunshine” is certainly doing so as I sit hear listening to it, sweating from the hottest day of the year whilst… Continue Reading →

Skat Injector / Nekrokyrpä – Mung Dungeon (Cruel Nature)

Nope I am not faint hearted or easily offended and I can play cassettes. Well that’s a bonus as the result was that I had one of 40 limited tapes of this split C20 red speckled cassette with Skat Injector… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Kid’s World (Beläten)

Last album by the beastly Blitzkriek Baby ‘Porcus Norvegicus’ literally chilled me to the (ham) bone. This was cold industrial, martial music for a world on the brink of collapse and it was horrifying in tone and execution. Needless to… Continue Reading →

Naxal Protocol – The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve (Eibon)

Can’t argue with the album title but what of the band? We are told that Naxal Protocol is the new name from previously defunct power noise artists Cazzodio. You can kind of understand why after they took a break for… Continue Reading →

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