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Horrified – Sentinel (Testimony Records)

Although British, Horrified wasn’t a name known to me either through recordings or live appearance. I discovered that “Sentinel” is their second EP to go with three full albums in their seven years of existence. Complex riffage with a certain… Continue Reading →

Interview – Twisted Tower Dire

With an outstanding new album on the shelves and in the ether, US heavy metal heroes and veterans Twisted Tower Dire offered the opportunity of a little swap of questions and answers courtesy of guitarist Dave Boyd. And, you know,… Continue Reading →

Twisted Tower Dire – Wars In The Unknown (No Remorse)

Look up the words ‘stalwarts’ and ‘diehards’ and the dictionary should say ‘see also Twisted Tower Dire’. With three of the five having been together since 1997 – Mark Stauffer (drums), Scott Waldrop (guitars and ultra marathons) and Dave Boyd… Continue Reading →

Atlantean Kodex – The Annihilation Of Bavaria (Van Records)

Atlantean Kodex. Bavarian purveyors of the richest epic metal outside of Solstice, writers of lyrics both poetic and rich in academic research. A truly remarkable troupe whose last studio album The White Goddess is a genuine classic. If you know… Continue Reading →

Walpyrgus – Walpyrgus Nights (Cruz Del Sur)

Formed 5 years ago, this American heavy metal force is born with members from Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept and Viper. My interest started when ex-Widow drummer Peter Lemieux joined the band and subsequently bought their demo tape. Roll… Continue Reading →

Altar of Betelgeuze – Among the Ruins (Transcending Obscurity)

A spot of stoner doom is the order of the day from Finland’s Altar of Betelgeuze, whose second album this is after “Darkness Sustains the Silence” from 2014. This is pretty grainy stuff. Downtrodden riffs with death vocals never make… Continue Reading →

The Temple – Forevermourn (I Hate)

Candlemass, Solstice, Warning, Isole, Mirror Of Deception, Scald, Reverend Bizarre. When you see those bands cited as influences not only do you know the band has great taste, but also that they are drinking from the source and that you… Continue Reading →

Orphans of Dusk – Revenant (SR)

Looking for reasons to be cheerful this January? Then you’re very probably reading the wrong website. You might want to try typing ‘funny cats’ into You Tube instead. But if that prospect fills you with hatred for mankind then maybe… Continue Reading →

Isole – The Calm Hunter (Cyclone Empire)

It’s AGES since I heard anything by Isole. My choice I’m sorry to say, as I heard their debut and follow-up at a time when it seemed like all I was listening to was Metal packed with orchestration, technical arrangements,… Continue Reading →

October 31 – Bury The Hatchet (Hells Headbangers)

For those of you with serious `underground’ credentials, the true diggers and delvers into the less well-known acts that are out there to be discovered, some of you few may be aware of King Fowley, a true underground legend in… Continue Reading →

Shores of Null – Quiescence (Candlelight)

There are an awful lot of creative, inventive bands coming out of Italy these days. Chances are there always was, but the rest of the world knew nothing about it until fairly recently (or maybe I am just old and… Continue Reading →

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