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3 From Hell – Rob Zombie (Lionsgate)

Well the release of this is somewhat overshadowed by the passing of one of this trilogy of film’s most loveable stars Sid Haig. So much more than just a bad tempered, homicidal clown the veteran actor had appeared in nearly… Continue Reading →

Big Guns – Six Shooter (S/R)

Apparently this grizzled saddletramp of an EP is something lurking in the collective psyches of Goatpsalm/Frozen Ocean’s Vaarwel and ‘Postie’ who I know significantly less about, something they felt the need to saddle up and ride out on. Their Bandcamp… Continue Reading →

Requiescant – Carlo Lizzani (Arrow)

Does anyone remember Moviedrome which was on BBC2 in the late 80’s early 90’s? It was hosted by Alex Cox who told us about what we were about to watch before the film was screened in the best possible form… Continue Reading →

Django Prepare A Coffin – Ferdinando Baldi (Arrow)

First there was a man with no name but a man needs a name if he is to be a hero, especially in the lawless world of the Western. So, in 1966 that name was first given and Django was… Continue Reading →

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