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Weh – Ingenmannsland (Soulseller)

This is my third encounter with Erik E and his dark, mournful neo-folk project Weh. The sound as ever is simple and beautifully plain, mostly the deep almost Cohen-esque tones of Erik E and his strummed acoustic guitar, with the… Continue Reading →

Blood And Sun – White Storms Fall (Pesanta Urfolk)

Minnesotans Blood And Sun may or may not like the description (I have no idea, but some people can be touchy about it), but to me we are very, very firmly in neo-folk territory here. A bit of Weh, a… Continue Reading →

Messenger – Illusory Blues (Svart)

Oh hell. There are some times your role sucks and this is one of mine. The problem comes when you get an album to review from a respected record company, with the PR sheet waxing lyrical and philosophical and great… Continue Reading →

Weh – En Natt Kom Doed (Soulseller)

From the outside looking in, the neofolk scene can seem painfully austere and humourless not to mention the odd troupe here and there flirting with dodgy ideology, unfairly tarnishing the rest. Remind you of any other genre? Being so different… Continue Reading →

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