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Outlaw – Marauders (High Roller)

Outlaw were formed 3 years ago in Finland, Outlaw take influence from US Power Metal, the NWOBHM scene and traditional metal, a-la classic 80’s Priest and Maiden. From the initial track, ‘Hell’s Thunder’, vocalist Lee Anvel sounds like a cross… Continue Reading →

Nocturnal Breed – The Whiskey Tapes Germany (Folter Records)

This here is one of those releases that the band describe as ‘for the fans’, the die hard fans describe as ‘rare and unreleased’ and the rest of us describe as an ‘odds n sods’ collection. As such it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

High Spirits – Escape (High Roller)

The ever reliable High Spirits, I missed the chance to see them earlier this year as I had ticket in hand, but no bloody trains, at least I have memories of the last time I swung my hips to this… Continue Reading →

RAM – Svbversvm (Metal Blade)

Based on their recent split release with fellow countrymen Portrait, I find such an influence has rubbed off and with these Swedes fourth album, this sees RAM employ a touch darker essence comfortably displayed in the music, whilst retaining their… Continue Reading →

WASP – Golgotha (Napalm)

Love them or hate them, WASP have been at the pinnacle of the music scene for a number of years, this is their latest opus that follows an unusual long break between albums. For the record, frontman and long standing… Continue Reading →

Kissin’ Black – Heart Over Head (Motor Entertainment)

On an ever increasing journey to birth new genres and experiences, our beloved Metal has spawned another new one – Dark Country Rock/Metal. Yep! Here it is, playing away merrily like it doesn’t have a care in the world, razzing… Continue Reading →

On Top – Top Heavy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

On Top are a US“ power trio” who will apparently be suitable for fans of Motley Crue, Dokken, Queensryche, WASP and Dio? A sweeping statement, and to my ears rather inaccurate! This is dirty rock n roll, something that has… Continue Reading →

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