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T.O.M.B. – Fury Nocturnus (Peaceville)

‘Industrial Black Noise’ it says here and in that, I think it’s fair to say that ‘Fury Nocturnus’ delivers. Across fourteen tracks, this US-based trio clearly do their utmost to convey an ambience of impenetrable churning malice – of demented… Continue Reading →

Wardruna – Runaljod – Ragnarok (By Norse)

What better way to introduce Ragnarok, the third and final part of Wardruna’s 8-year trilogy, with a towering battle hymn to Tyr. One of the less readily recognised Norse gods these days (at least for non-metal fans I should perhaps… Continue Reading →

Interview – KING

Australian band KING are all set to make a massive name for themselves, with the release of their debut album ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ through Indie Recordings. A huge, riffed-up celebration of the universe and the wonders around us, that’s as… Continue Reading →

Midgardsblot Metalfestival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 18-20/8/16

Day Three The music was scheduled to begin at 14:00 on day 3, so I took the opportunity to have a look at some of the Viking artifacts in the Midgard Center, and to have a walk around Borrepark amongst… Continue Reading →

Enslaved & Vulture Industries – London The Dome 17/3/16

It’s St Patrick’s Day and people are out celebrating in the very Irish pub below the venue tonight; no plastic paddies here! The rest of us are about for a different type of cultural heritage due to a Viking invasion… Continue Reading →

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik’s Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá (Season Of Mist)

When you get Ivar Bjørnson of Viking metal progressive icons Enslaved and Einar Selvik of atmospheric folk mavericks Wardruna you expect a lesson in sheer class. You also expect intelligence and thought. If you’ll excuse the quoting, the birth and… Continue Reading →

Leaves’ Eyes – King Of Kings (AFM)

Anyone who follows Ave Noctum’s reviews and those who know me know that I am a long life stalker, I mean fan, of all the work Liv Kristine has been involved in for over 20 years. I stand by the… Continue Reading →

Draugurinn – Isavetur (Nordvis)

Sweden’s Nordvis continues to defy convention by releasing an ever-more eclectic roster of musical genres, yet managing to ensure that there is a consistency in tone, ambience and atmosphere – and that atmosphere is always cold. Convincingly, undeniable Scandinavian cold…. Continue Reading →

Solefald – Norrønasongen Kosmopolis Nord (Indie)

When we spoke to Cornelius about plans for a new album the follow up to 2010 release ‘Norrøn livskunst’ he told us “I’m not going to tell you anything about the album! I can give you the title, ‘Kosmopolis’ with… Continue Reading →

Negură Bunget – Gînd a-prins (Prophecy)

Aside from the EP release of ‘Poartă de dincolo’ back in 2011, all has been quiet on the NB front following multiple band rifts and a series of changes in members. When Sol Faur and Hupogrammos left after the release… Continue Reading →

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