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Scalpture – Eisenzeit (FDA Records)

Four years on from “Panzerdoktrin” these Germans are back with their second full length and what a blast it is. If you’re not familiar with the band, their sound is a unique and aggressive blend of old school Swedeath and… Continue Reading →

Humiliation – Parallel Chains of Command (Brutal Art Records)

I’m writing this from Malaysia, Humiliation’s country of origin. It’s always interested me why particular genres take hold in different countries, but there’s no doubt that death metal appeals to Malaysian devoted band of extreme metal followers. There are many… Continue Reading →

Sabaton – The Great War (Nuclear Blast)

War! What is it good for? A huge amount of subject matter for lyrical content apparently. Not just in Metal either. Something as world consuming as warfare can’t be ignored by anyone and a whole swath of musicians over the… Continue Reading →

Panzerfaust – The Suns Of Perdition: Chapter I: War, Horrid War (Eisenwald)

How have I not alighted on this band previously? World War II (loosely) themed Canadian black metallers Panzerfaust have been kicking around for a while now but, with only three albums before this, it’s perhaps understandable they could have flown… Continue Reading →

Totalitarian – Bloodlands (Barren Void)

It is promised that we will be dragged through the streets of Warsaw, across the fields of Treblinka, into the marshes of Belarus, or into the death pits of Babi Yar. Our guides are Italian band Totalitarian. This EP is… Continue Reading →

In Purulence – Putrid Valley (Great Dane)

Uniqueness, we all strive for it, everyone wants to be their own person this includes bands too. Sometimes artists strive for that rare, free-standing, genre-defying quality through means of experimentation melding together exhibits from selected genres, sometimes it works, other… Continue Reading →

Marduk – Viktoria (Century Media)

More tales of wolves and war as Marduk march on relentlessly crushing all in their path. Nobody can accuse the Swedes of complacency, they have been real road dogs of late and are touring constantly, tackling all in their stride… Continue Reading →

Obscurity – Streitmacht (Trollzorn)

Of the numerous bands called Obscurity, this is the one from Germany. I suppose the album’s Germanic title is a giveaway on that score. The offer is Battle Metal comprising black, death and Viking elements. It all points to war…. Continue Reading →

Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Century Media)

There are two distinctive styles of Power Metal. On one hand, you have the ‘European’ take on it, which focuses a lot on melodies in the tracks, the atmosphere of the song and it also heavily favours neo-classical elements, symphonic… Continue Reading →

Arrogant Destruktor / Wrang – Split (Wolfspell Records)

Some major damage going on here. The cover shows a bombed out and totally devastated scene that looks like somewhere such as Dresden in WWII. There’s a tank on the back cover and inside a shiny disc with 2 bands… Continue Reading →

Eastern Front – EmpirE (Cacophonous)

I have been following the lead up to Eastern Front’s 3rd campaign quite carefully and it hasn’t exactly been without its shares of drama and casualties. You could even say the Ipswich based blackened war metal crew had found themselves… Continue Reading →

Sabaton – The Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)

Sabaton are one of those bands everyone is aware of, and if you aren’t, you soon will be. The Swedes have a truly energetic and engaging live performance which is truly captivating and even those of you who dismiss them… Continue Reading →

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