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Dimmu Borgir – Forces of the Northern Night (Nuclear Blast)

Norwegian black metal ensemble Dimmu Borgir were spawned 24 years ago in Oslo when the Norwegian black metal scene was arguably at its creative peak, not just with an explosion of bands and releases which are today revered as “classics”… Continue Reading →

Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed (Napalm)

Back in 2007 I bought Powerwolf’s second album called “Lupus Dei” an unremarkable heavy cum power metal album that I listened to and largely ignored. Fast forward to 2013 and I decided to give them another try with “Preachers Of… Continue Reading →

Sinner – Touch of Sin 2 (AFM)

This is an album of re-recorded classics from Sinner, the German traditional metal band fronted by Mat Sinner who many of you will know from his work with Primal Fear. Mat Sinner acknowledges that the early Sinner material is becoming… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – In the Name of Metal (AFM Records)

Bloodbound have a few great albums in their arsenal, but when you call your new album ‘In the Name of Metal’, you better hope it lives up to the name with such a bold statement. Thankfully, I am happy to… Continue Reading →

Doro – Raise Your First In The Air (Nuclear Blast)

My name is Gizmo, and I am a Doro fan. There, said it. Not just her voice and her music but her determination, her integrity, her personality and even her bravery (especially once in the face of an Alan Partridge… Continue Reading →

Gehenna – Murder (Peaceville)

The latest Peaceville re-release marks the completion of Gehenna’s Moonfog trilogy. Naturally these were all reissued in entirely the wrong order, so 2nd Moonfog album ‘Murder’ is the final one to get the Peaceville treatment. After splitting their fanbase by… Continue Reading →

Ministry – Relapse (13th Planet)

Right Al whether you want a ‘rantology’ or not here comes mine! What the blue rinse fuck are you up to man? First we get all this crap spouted from you about the group being over, for good, forever, never… Continue Reading →

Battle Beast – Interview

Battle Beast are a highly charged, pedal to the metal, traditional metal band from Finland. Things have been pretty much a whirlwind couple of years for this young talented group of artists. Since winning Wacken’s metal battle in 2010, they… Continue Reading →

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