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Vulture Industries

Pensees Nocturnes – Grand Guignol Orchestra (Ladlo Productions)

Envoyer les clowns, progenitors of black circus metal Pensees Nocturnes are back. Actually I just realised they snuck out an album in 2016 independently ‘À boire et à manger’ which I completely missed and it has been a long time… Continue Reading →

Vulture Industries, Code and Talanas – London Boston Arms 9/11/17

A night of eccentricity and avant-garde flair here brings the freaks out to party both on and off stage Dressed for the occasion in sporting ‘fine tailoring’ first up we have a return from English gents Talanas. It’s been a… Continue Reading →

Vulture Industries – Stranger Times (Season Of Mist)

There’s no denying that we are living in stranger times and can only thank all things within this chaotic era for music like this, something that reflects the lunacy we are dwelling amidst, during our short time on this crazy… Continue Reading →

Atrox – Monocle (Dark Essence)

Avant-garde perfection cannot be rushed and it has been one hell of a long wait since last album Binocular from Atrox way back in 2008. They are still very much looking through a glass lens which could well see them… Continue Reading →

Helheim – landawarijaR (Dark Essence)

I could not have asked for a better musical companion to the last couple of cold winter weeks and Norse Viking brigade Helheim’s 9th album has been spun on a near daily basis. There’s always plenty of depth about their… Continue Reading →

Enslaved & Vulture Industries – London The Dome 17/3/16

It’s St Patrick’s Day and people are out celebrating in the very Irish pub below the venue tonight; no plastic paddies here! The rest of us are about for a different type of cultural heritage due to a Viking invasion… Continue Reading →

Sulphur – Omens of Doom (Dark Essence)

With band members from Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Aeternus and Vulture Industries, and with further connections in the productions and mastering to Taake and Audrey Horne, this album is like Norwegian statement. There’s the added mystery of the band not having released… Continue Reading →

Helheim – raunijaR (Dark Essence)

Nope the keyboard gremlins have not been at play here, raunijaR is the correct title and way that Helheim have chosen to represent this, their eighth album. There is always a mark of quality about what they do and this… Continue Reading →

Arcturus, Vulture Industries, Attic, Caronte and Krakow – London Boston Arms 7/5/15

Yes this line-up does look a slightly odd mix on paper. What happened was this was meant to be two shows with Arcturus, Vulture Industries and Krakow playing upstairs at the much bigger Dome venue. Ticket sales, no doubt due… Continue Reading →

Taake – Stridens Hus (Dark Essence)

Just when you thought it was safe to stick two fingers up to the year that was 2014 and tell it to do one the Bergen Blacksters that are Taake unleash their sixth studio album and remind you that it’s… Continue Reading →

The Earls Of Mars – ST (Candlelight)

I have had great fun witnessing The Earls Of Mars live a few times and seeing people stagger out of the show at its conclusion with dazed looks on their faces, not knowing quite what they have heard and witnessed…. Continue Reading →

Virus, Vulture Industries, Krakow & Mondvolland – London Underworld 11/12/12

Scroll to bottom of feature for tripped out photo gallery.  There’s a silly amount of things on this time of year and simply not having funds or energy to go to much means picking and choosing very carefully. I had… Continue Reading →

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