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Posthum – The Black Northern Ritual (Indie)

I was very impressed with Posthum’s last album, 2012’s ‘Light’s Out’ and with their approach to black metal in general which draws on the many varied takes on the genre. It was an album that rather predictably split opinion, with… Continue Reading →

Svart – Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral (Art Of Propaganda)

If I said that Draug the man behind dark act Svart had current ties to Halmstad in Sweden that may well give some of you clues to certain affiliations he has. Yes he is also the bass player of Shining… Continue Reading →

Slegest – Loyndom (Dark Essence)

Slegest was the vision of guitarist Ese when he left Vried in 2010 and in essence is taking more traditional heavy metal and marinating it in black metal for a while, keeping it dirty and dark. Knowing that, the slow… Continue Reading →

Interview – Solefald

One thing that was rather a big surprise was to find out that Solefald were not only going to play their first dates since 1998 but also they were going to kick off the ‘Fire Walks With Me’ Tour alongside… Continue Reading →

Vreid, Solefald & In Vain – London Barfly 4/4/13

April was being a malicious bitch and throwing snow out the sky. Luckily it did not stop a healthy crowd getting to the venue or the hardened Norsemen on the first day of this rather special 14 date tour. I… Continue Reading →

Interview – Vreid

After an unusually quiet year for Vried, the band came back with a vengeance last month with their sixth album Welcome Farewell. Darker and more direct than its predecessor it will no doubt get an airing over the coming months… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 3/11/12

Scroll down to bottom of review for photos!  The annual Damnation Festival held in Leeds is, I think it is fair to say, the biggest indoor metal event in the North of England. Every year it sees a huge crowd… Continue Reading →

Various Artists – Ond A Tribute To Enslaved (Pictonian)

We had a rather good tribute to Emperor album earlier this year via Candlelight Records so one for Enslaved was also very welcome. The timing is good too as I am currently waiting for new album Riitiir to come through… Continue Reading →

Weh – En Natt Kom Doed (Soulseller)

From the outside looking in, the neofolk scene can seem painfully austere and humourless not to mention the odd troupe here and there flirting with dodgy ideology, unfairly tarnishing the rest. Remind you of any other genre? Being so different… Continue Reading →

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