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Concrete Winds – Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice)

There is no denying that Vorum created a foul stench in their brief and vile career but the band have it appears crash and burned. The couple of times I saw them and of course their album Poisoned Void 2103… Continue Reading →

Serpents Lair – Circvmambulating The Stillborn (Hellthrasher)

A certain shroud of mystery cloaks this lot. Apparently the band are from Sjælland Denmark but there’s no clue as to who the players are, not even the normal black metal initials for their names. One thing that is crystal… Continue Reading →

Degial, Vorum & Ataud – London Unicorn 2/6/16

Another gig we were lucky to get due to bands having transport and accommodation costs pulled from under their feet following the collapse of Temples Festival in Bristol. Other shows had been booked around it and some bands were determined… Continue Reading →

Degial – Savage Mutiny (Sepulchral Voice)

Formed in 2006, Sweden’s satanic death horde Degial gained much praise for their debut album, 2012’s ‘Death’s Striking Wings’. Their reputation for quality has been further solidified with a few stints supporting Watain, as well as having one of the… Continue Reading →

Vorage – S/T (Hellthrasher)

Who was responsible for the phrase “metal of death” which seems to be getting bandied around more and more at the moment? The way I look at it this is the death metal equivalent of ‘orthodox black metal,’ it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

Vorum – Current Mouth (Sepulchral Voice)

There’s been quite a buzz about cult of death Vorum of late no doubt making them one of the biggest exports from the Åland Islands off Finland at the moment. They played the UK recently and I am kind of… Continue Reading →

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