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Vomitor – Pestilent Death (Hell’s Headbangers)

Ah, Vomitor, Aussies with all the natural subtlety and reserve of their countrymen removed. And of course we wouldn’t have it any other way. Pestilent Death is their fourth full length but it’s been around six years since The Escalation,… Continue Reading →

Decrepit Soul – The Coming Of War (Iron Bonehead)

Pacifists turn away, the rest of you prepare to rev up the rusty chainsaws and go down under to Australia and enter the realm of vocalist / guitarist Kakorot and drummer Marcus Hellcunt. I won’t make cheap jibes about the… Continue Reading →

Bestiality – Stuck in Bestial Vision (Old Temple)

Blackened thrash is one strand of metal that will forever have one heavily-studded hobnail boot planted firmly in the 1980s. That’s a good thing, by the way. A great thing, in fact. The days of ‘How much heavier?’, ‘Faster?’, ‘Harder?’… Continue Reading →

Altars – Paramnesia (Nuclear Winter)

These are currently good times for death metal. The sinister churn of occult acts such as Necros Christos and Grave Miasma are sending shivers down people’s spines, the ultra-tech boys such as Origin strive for ever-faster ways of damaging their… Continue Reading →

Corrosive Carcass – Composition of Flesh (Abyss Records)

Distortion and reverb can be used to hide a multitude of sins or else to turbo-charge the fuel rods of your armoured car ride into the caverns of the underworld. Doom loving death metal crew Corrosive Carcass have finally loomed… Continue Reading →

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