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Tronos – Celestial Mechanics (Century Media)

Well, the premise of this album seemed too good to pass up. I’m a fan of Shane Embury – though trying to keep up with his dizzying array of bands can be difficult. This is his latest collaboration, a star-studded… Continue Reading →

Arroganz – Erzketer (FDA Records)

A bit of a short one for you this time. Arroganz, the German trio, released their “Primitiv” album back in 2017, which I awarded then an 8/10, saying at the time, “…this has the superficial sound of a band that’s… Continue Reading →

Voivod – The Wake (Century Media)

It’s been 5 years since Voivod last targeted earth, not that they haven’t been busy with smaller releases and extensive touring over that time. An album from the Canadian troops is pretty much a main event and they work steadfastly… Continue Reading →

VOR – Depravador (Third I Rex)

Vor? What is it good for? Quite a lot actually! A lot of the time when a release purporting to be “sludge” hits my inbox or doormat I am dismayed. Usually folks are so busy with the big riffs and… Continue Reading →

Khanus – Flammiron (I, Voidhanger)

Ready for some metal of death with shamanic drumming and chanting, occasional soprano vocals and choral aspects and even the use of a singing bowl? Well that should give you an idea that this album, the first from Khanus following… Continue Reading →

Expander – Endless Computer (Nuclear War Now)

Thrash + Nuclear War Now = Atompünk. Well that seems like a perfect genre for this bunch outta Austin Texas. I don’t know about you but a promo picture does speak words and the amount of artists with floppy fringes… Continue Reading →

Scalpel – Methods To Delusion (S/R)

Surprisingly there is only one band called Scalpel that I could find on my research into this US band and let’s face it that medicine, science, technology has given metal a wealth of band names. This is their second album… Continue Reading →

Dead Cross – S/T (Ipecac Recordings)

Super groups or artistic collaborations, call them what you will, hold a certain fascination. Riding the risky lines between potential magical genius, wanton self-indulgence or epic failure, there’s also the expectation for some unique identity rather than the safety of… Continue Reading →

Tau Cross – Pillar Of Fire (Relapse)

I had been waiting this one very impatiently along with tour dates. When the latter came along there were cries of indignation from lots of people as the UK was not included but the band were quick to say sorry… Continue Reading →

Post Pulse – Halls Of The Damned (Inverse Records)

This Finnish act has members from a couple of bands that I am not familiar with, namely The Man Eating Tree and Hung, as this project unleashes a debut of epic proportions. The band name may conjure up thoughts of… Continue Reading →

Voivod & Necrophagia – London The Underworld 18/6/17

Doors are delayed as Nuclear who are meant to be on first tonight are MIA, it appears the Chilean thrashers are delayed at border control. So after much drinking time we stumble into the Underworld relieved to get out the… Continue Reading →

Damn The Machine: The Story Of Noise Records by David E Gehlke (Deliberation Press)

The year was 1988. And for the past 12 months a large portion of my purchases had been from the catalogue of just one record label: Noise International. I’d realised that I could pick up all the more mainstream metal… Continue Reading →

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