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Voices, Chapters, Shrines and Krawwl – London Black Heart 22/11/14

I reviewed Krawwl, live and on album recently so thought it could be a case of not having anything to say but hold on, things seem a bit different here. Indeed there is a console of fiddly looking knobs and… Continue Reading →

Voices – London (Candlelight)

London our city! The place we live whilst loving and loathing it in equal measure. Or is it equal? Maybe not as I think of the emotions and descriptors it best sums up in me. Fear, paranoia, agitation, disillusionment, schizophrenia,… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 2/11/12

You can tell how successful a festival is by the amount of people there and even as we enter the labyrinth Leeds University to negotiate the four stages that the event has been expanded to the first band on our… Continue Reading →

Candlefest – Anaal Nathrakh, Palehorse, Voices & Hybris – Camden Underworld 23/8/13

Since the first Candlefest I never really assumed it was going to be a yearly event but it seems to be very much a part of the calendar now with this showcase of bands on the Candlelight roster stepping up… Continue Reading →

Altar Of Plagues – Teethed Glory And Injury (Candlelight)

I have enjoyed (if that is the right word) Irish band Altar Of Plagues since they first caught my attention, partly due to the music and also due to the mystery behind them. This is no mystery in the form… Continue Reading →

October File – Renditions In Juxtaposition – Live At Bloodstock 2011 (Candlelight)

Was this really 2011, time flies but this somewhat incendiary set is still fresh in the memory as is the oft mentioned backdrop of the time when it took place, just after England was in the grip of completely misdirected… Continue Reading →

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