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Voz De Nenhum – Sublimation (Aesthetic Death)

This is one of a couple of albums currently on my review pile featuring Dictator of Cyprus. It might not be the most metal country in the world but he is certainly making up for that appearing past and present… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands 5-7/10/18 Part 3

Sunday 6th October The UK dominated the afternoon with three representatives of the not-always-so-united kingdom appearing in the afternoon. The first of them was Temples on Mars from London. Energy was in the air as Temples on Mars started with… Continue Reading →

The Antichrist Imperium – Vol. II: Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Back in 2015, blast-master David Gray unleashed ‘The Antichrist Imperium’ with former Akercocke guitarist Matt Wilcock. An awesome piece of avant-garde death/black metal utilizing the remnants of what would have been Ak’s 6th album. But now that the mighty Akercocke… Continue Reading →

Voices – Frightened (Candlelight)

Well I have listened to this album every day for the last 10 or so. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and it hasn’t been a chore in the slightest. It’s just that a work of this breadth and… Continue Reading →

Akercocke – Renaissance In Extremis (Peaceville Records)

Akercocke… It’s good to have you back. …what happened? You didn’t write, you didn’t phone… I think it’s fair to say that Akercocke have been one of the most loved, cherished and respected extreme metal bands that this country has… Continue Reading →

This Is Endless – Inherit The Sin (S/R)

There’s a time to listen to wafty shit, you know the stuff… something symphonic, something with keyboards, windy forest sound effects and probably a warbly singer whining on about whatever issue they’ve taken up on someone else’s behalf that day…. Continue Reading →

Speed Kills – Volume VII (Music for Nations)

It’s a welcome return for this legendary record label, in the late 80’s I used to religiously buy anything on this label (and sub-label Under One Flag) simply because the quality was pretty damn good, I mean they did have… Continue Reading →

Anaal Nathrakh, Voices & The Infernal Sea – London Underworld 2/9/16

We want our dive back! Well not really but it’s odd getting used to The Underworld since it’s had its spruce up. New stage, lighting, PA, floor, toilets and everything smells lemon fresh; well some of the punters don’t but… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 7/11/15

A quick meet up with friends who would not be seen again all day in the sprawl of four stages, a mass of people and 27 bands and it’s time to go charging around and trying to watch and cover… Continue Reading →

The Antichrist Imperium – S/T (Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings)

Mention the word Akercocke to most fans of extreme metal, and you’ll see them gaze longingly into the distance, in remembrance of one of the most dynamic death metal bands of recent years. A band that offered brutality, and a… Continue Reading →

Interview – Voices

It’s absolutely no secret that Voices second album London, a concept to our Capital city has completely blown me away. Mixing so much emotion, atmosphere and extremity into its cinematic hour long playing time it’s a real feast and a… Continue Reading →

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