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Suffocation, Cryptic Shift, Visions Of Disfigurement – Leeds, Eiger Studios 28/8/17

As the festival seasons more or less comes to a close bands tend to start their Autumn touring schedule and mine got off to an early start with some brutal Stateside death metal from Suffocation, but before that was support… Continue Reading →

Death to Cancer Fest – London Black Heart 30/1/16

After the tragic taking of some of music and cinemas greatest legends last month due to that despicable shit of a disease that is Cancer, it seems only fitting that the UK’s brutal death community do their fair share at… Continue Reading →

Kraanium, Crepitation, Splattered, Visions Of Disfigurement, Operation Cunt Destroyer – Manchester, Star And Garter 26/8/15

Without doubt one of the most brutal line ups I’ve been in recent years as a healthy mid week crowd crammed themselves into the virtually tropical ambience of the Star And Garter. The lengths that metal fans go to see… Continue Reading →

Slam Fest – Bristol Bierkeller 24/5/15

You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a brilliant time going to a gig on a bank holiday Sunday. Everyone’s spirits have been given a boost with the weekend being extended and heading to the bar to make the most of… Continue Reading →

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