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Skálmöld – Börn Loka (Napalm Records)

The idea of reviewing Skálmöld’s new album, ‘Börn Loka’ inspires considerable trepidation. Their previous effort, 2011’s ‘Baldur’ was an unlooked-for comic masterpiece in which the protagonist, permanently inebriated Viking underdog Baldur, was last seen dying of plague while ironically brandishing… Continue Reading →

Pelt – Effigy (MIE)

I clearly like to make things difficult for myself, otherwise why would I offer to review an album of ‘instrumental acoustic blues raga drone’? Mind you, ‘difficult’ music is a reasonable part of my musical collection, so I kinda shrug… Continue Reading →

Krampus – Survival of the Fittest (NoiseArt Records)

This is actually the debut album from Italian folk Krampus although they have released a couple of EP’s prior to being snapped up by NoiseArt records. As for their somewhat strange name, well a Krampus is a Christmas beasty who… Continue Reading →

Carach Angren – Where the Corpses Sink Forever (Season of Mist)

No image of horror could ever be vivid enough for Carach Angren. You don’t just have people being executed at the stake. You get a personalised, close up view of the build-up, the date, the weather and the aftermath which… Continue Reading →

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