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Chordewa – Recast Gear For The Mindcraft (Haarbn)

I’m pretty certain this is the first Moldovan band I’ve ever wrapped my ears around, and what a belter it is too. For a debut album, and hailing from a country that isn’t exactly teeming with metal related bounty, this… Continue Reading →

Code – Augur Nox (Agonia Records)

It’s been a while since I last caught up with Code, though this was not through lack of a good impression made by their 2005 debut ‘Nouveau Gloaming’ – far from it in fact as it was a truly great… Continue Reading →

Cronian – Erathems (Season Of Mist)

Cronian is of course the experimental side-project of Borknagar’s Øystein G. Brun and Vintersorg – but then I’m sure you already knew that. Borknagar have had many Extreme Metal guises over the years and they aren’t too tardy with the… Continue Reading →

Blåhø – Through Sinister Nightfall (SR)

Blåhø is not the noise one makes into a tissue when suffering a particularly bad cold but is actually the name of a mountain in the Trollheim range that this Norwegian band affiliate themselves with and apparently have members who… Continue Reading →

Okular – Sexforce (Regenerative Records)

‘Sexforce’. Pretty rape-y name for an album isn’t it? Well, there’s nothing sexy about this band, but they can be pretty forceful in their approach of proggy, deathly metal. Actually, I take the sexy thing back – some of their… Continue Reading →

Borknagar – Urd (Century Media)

How Borknagar have acquired themselves a steady reputation over the years as a Viking metal band with a progressive, cosmic and melodic twist. There’s a kind of ‘super group’ element about them, with representatives of Vintersorg, Dimmu Borgir,  Solefald, Carpathian… Continue Reading →

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