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Temptation’s Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade (S/R)

Accompanied as it was by one of the politest written requests for review it’s ever been my joy to receive, North Carolina’s own Temptation’s Wings are a band I’d never heard of but are one that immediately intrigued me, the… Continue Reading →

Helheim – landawarijaR (Dark Essence)

I could not have asked for a better musical companion to the last couple of cold winter weeks and Norse Viking brigade Helheim’s 9th album has been spun on a near daily basis. There’s always plenty of depth about their… Continue Reading →

Skálmöld – Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (Napalm)

Having just submitted a review of the fantastic Midgardsblot festival, I was asked whether I would like to continue my “Viking adventure” by giving a listen to Skálmöld’s new release ‘Vögguvísur Yggdrasils’. Of course, I jumped at the chance. Hailing… Continue Reading →

Equilibrium – Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)

With every release it astounds me even more how effortlessly Equilibrium straddle that gap between Pagan/Folk Metal and Melodic Death Metal whilst always staying so unique. Years ago it was a sizeable void between the two styles before Equilibrium bridged… Continue Reading →

Asenblut – Berserker (AFM)

Writing this review without mentioning the name of…er a certain Swedish Viking metal band is going to test all my finely-honed skills as a reviewer. Because the similarities between Asenblut and Am…. ahhh….er… that band with the ex-lorry driver as… Continue Reading →

Interview – Warhorns Festival

The small but perfectly formed Warhorns festival has become a bit of a highlight over the last few years. Nestled deep in Viking country in Selby, North Yorkshire, a short stone’s throw from historic York/Jorvik, it has a warmth and… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Nattramn (Cyclone Empire)

Time flies when you’re in two successful metal bands, and Mats and Ragnar have released 3 albums in 20 months! One was with their other band Isole, but already we are being offered another Viking Metal outing by Ereb Altor… Continue Reading →

Obscurity – Vintar (Trollzorn Records)

With a decade and a half under their shields Viking death metal band Obscurity have lived up to their name when it comes to me knowing the band which really is unusual considering this is the bands seventh full length… Continue Reading →

Skálmöld – Með Vættum (Napalm)

The dramatic cover art that adorns this third release from Icelandic folk viking metallers Skálmöld sets the scene so well you could quite easily imagine yourself immersed in the tumultuous seascape whilst absorbing the eight exhilarating songs contained within the… Continue Reading →

Sons Of Crom – Riddle Of Steel (Debemur Morti)

When the opening notes of second song ‘Master Of Shadows’ hits, the immediate question that gallops through your brain (probably on the road to Asa Bay) is “does the world need another Bathory covers band doing all original material?” I… Continue Reading →

Olde – The Gates Of Dawn (Soulseller)

Olde are Stiofan deRioste (Celtachor) and Chad Davis (Hour Of 13) and their mission statement is “We are for the regression back to the days of virtuous pride and honour of the Elders.” and frankly it does exactly what that… Continue Reading →

Skálmöld – Börn Loka (Napalm Records)

The idea of reviewing Skálmöld’s new album, ‘Börn Loka’ inspires considerable trepidation. Their previous effort, 2011’s ‘Baldur’ was an unlooked-for comic masterpiece in which the protagonist, permanently inebriated Viking underdog Baldur, was last seen dying of plague while ironically brandishing… Continue Reading →

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