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Video Nasty

Devil Hunter – Jess Franco (88 Films)

Welcome to the latest instalment of the so bad its good film appreciation society and we have a corker this time round in the form of Jess Franco’s 1980 video nasty Devil Hunter. This is one of the very quick… Continue Reading →

Cannibal Terror – Alain Deruelle (88 Films)

So who has sat through all of the 72 video nasties? If you have you certainly will have shuddered at the memory of a few shockers in more ways than one. For every Evil Dead there is a Night Of… Continue Reading →

Cannibal Ferox – Umberto Lenzi (Shameless)

Banned in 31 countries and the most violent film ever made. Yeah this is the normal sort of hype one encounters in the cinema of so called extremity all the time but Umberto Lenzi’s cannibal gut-muncher of 1981 actually walked… Continue Reading →

Xtro – Harry Bromley Davenport (Second Sight)

I first heard about Xtro in slightly odd circumstances as my dad had shares in a company that had some involvement in its production. I saw some photos in a trade publication he was sent and boy do I wish… Continue Reading →

The Mountain Of The Cannibal God – Sergio Martino (Shameless Films)

It’s back to the infamous 72 film hit-list that were known in a time of mass hysteria as the Video Nasties and Sergio Martino’s The Mountain (Slave, Prisoner) Of The Cannibal God released back in 1978. The Italian cannibal genre… Continue Reading →

The Witch Who Came From The Sea – Matt Cimber (Arrow)

Dredging up more shipwrecked treasure Arrow have embarked upon a great new idea introducing us to some rare and forgotten gems of yesteryear under the ‘American Horror Project’ moniker. This film has been released as part 1 in a box… Continue Reading →

Evilspeak – Eric Weston (88 Films)

I know it seems like Arrow central over here but they do send us review stuff in of the films that I love. They are not alone in releasing the classics of old and getting former video nasties through the… Continue Reading →

Lucio Fulci – Poker Cards

If you had asked me before what Lucio Fulci’s greatest success with poker was I would have probably thought of poor old Dagmar Lassander in The House By The Cemetery getting it through the neck with one. I would never… Continue Reading →

Contamination – Luigi Cozzi (Arrow)

Although never prosecuted, Contamination made in 1980 by Luigi Cozzi comes from the golden era of Italian splatter movies ending up embroiled amidst the video nasty furore. Showing what a dogs arse the whole panic was it had no real… Continue Reading →

Island Of Death – Nico Mastorakis (Arrow)

Let’s face it of the infamous 39 prosecuted ‘video nasties’ there was some awful dreck out there that although bloody, by today’s standards you could hardly call them nasty. Looking at them the likes of Axe, Forest Of Fear, The… Continue Reading →

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