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Buy Jupiter – Eclipse (Apathia Records)

Heavy, violent, technical … so begins this four track EP from French metallers Buy Jupiter. It may be trying to kill me with overpowering force, but it’s dynamic and I’m loving it. Djenty heavy tech death give way to a… Continue Reading →

Abiotic – Casuistry (Metal Blade)

Florida’s Abiotic present their second album “Casuistry”. Whatever “Casuistry” is, it seems to involve large portions of technical riffage in a decidedly death metal framework. It’s impossible not to come back to the word technical. Progressive patterns are interwoven into… Continue Reading →

Wolvhammer – Clawing into Black Sun (Profound Lore)

2011’s ‘The Obsidian Plains’ is a helluva album to have to follow, however, considering the superstar line up of the Minneapolis/Chicago trio that is Wolvhammer – Jeff Wilson (ex-Krieg and Nachtmystium), Adam Clemans (ex-Iron Thrones and Veil of Maya) and… Continue Reading →

The Room Colored Charlatan – Primitives (Subliminal Groove Records)

The story behind The Planet Of The Apes, a French novel by Pierre Boulle, was deemed great enough to warrant a movie of its own. That birthed a 70s franchise which then kicked off a comic book series, a TV… Continue Reading →

TechFest 2013, near Peterborough, Saturday 13th July 2013

The Cambridgeshire Fens are certainly an interesting choice of venue for a festival. It’s not going to disturb the neighbours because there aren’t any, but it’s also nigh on impossible to get to other than by bike or car. This… Continue Reading →

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